About Estonia
  • Estonia is an e-society, with electronic ID-cards, e-government, e-health, e-school, e-parking etc you would be living in a very unique country!
  • It takes only about 20 minutes to found your own company online and 99% of banking is done online.
  • Europe’s start-up hot-spot! . As a result, Estonia has more successful start-up companies per head than in any other country in Europe, e.g. Transfer Wise, Crab CAD, Fortumo etc. And yes, we are talking about companies where even Sir Richard Branson invests!
  • Home of Skype – the Skype software was developed by four Estonian engineers. Skype has an office in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, and the company also provides scholarships for bright IT students who have chosen to study in Estonia.
  • Ranked 1st worldwide in air quality Estonia ranks 2nd in Internet freedom in the world (1st place Iceland, 3rd place Canada,
  • Ranked 2nd in the world for Internet access in schools (1st Iceland, 3rd Finland,
  • Estonia is also the only Eurozone nation to run a budget surplus. Voted as best-performing economy in Europe
  • Has Europe’s largest 4G coverage (95% of the country). Only Singapore and South Korea have managed to do the same.
  • One of the safest countries in the world.
Why study in Estonia
  • Over 100 unique and high quality degree programmes
  • Internationally accepted diplomas
  • Various state scholarships and funding possibilities
  • English language widely spoken
  • High level research projects
  • Active and fun student life
  • Working possibilities
  • The personal touch: small group sizes in classrooms
  • Great value for money
  • Safe and stable environment
Universities & College
  • University of Tartu
  • Tallinn University of technology
  • Estonian university Of Life Science
  • Tallinn University
  • Euroacademy
  • Estonian Business School Tallinn
  • Tartu Art College
  • Mainor Business School
  • Narva college of the university of tartu
  • Baltic Defence College
  • International University Audentes
  • Baltic Film and Media School
Student Visa Requirements
  1. All students who are not Estonian citizens or EU citizens (including EEA countries and Switzerland) need a temporary residence permit for study. EU citizens should obtain a temporary right of residence in Estonia.

    Please note that Estonia does not issue a “study visa”,  all NON-EU students should apply for temporary residence permit for studying (TRP). When certain conditions are met, then it is possible to apply for C- (short term) or D-visa (long term) to travel to Estonia and apply for residence permit after arrival.

    The visa and residence permit application process will usually begin after student has been accepted to study on chosen programme and after university has forwarded required acceptance documents.


    In order to obtain temporary right of residence, a student should register his/her place of residence in the Local Government authority of the place of residence within 3 months from the day of entry to Estonia. In addition, a student has to apply for an Estonian ID-card within 1 month from obtaining the temporary right of residence. More information can be found on the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board web page.


    Students who are third country nationals (not EU citizens) have to apply for a temporary residence permit for study at the nearest Estonian Embassy or Consul in their home country or country of residence (more info on the page of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

    If there is no Estonian Embassy or Consul in your home country or country of residence, you should contact the nearest Estonian Embassy. More information about application process and all the required documents (including legal income proving certifications) can be found from Estonian Police and Border Guard Board website.

    Starting from the 1st of October 2010, all third country nationals who already stay legally in Estonia and wish to study at master’s or doctoral level have a right to apply for residence permit for study at the Police and Border Guard Board in Estonia.

    A temporary residence permit is valid for maximum of one year and should be renewed at least 2 months before the date of expiration at the Police and Border Guard Board. Estonian ID-card issued to a student is a document, stating that a student was issued a temporary residence permit for study in Estonia.

    Students from third countries have to register their place of residence in the Local Government authority within 1 month from the arrival to Estonia on the basis of residence permit for study.


    Your spouse/child may apply for a temporary residence permit if you are coming to Estonia for master’s or doctoral studies. For more information and required documents, please visit Estonian Police and Border Guard Board`s website.