New Delhi: In a show of efficiency to ensure help for a distressed Indian woman stranded in Germany with her young daughter and bring her back to the country, Union Minister for External Affairs Sushma Swaraj on Wednesday said that the mother-daughter duo will return to India tomorrow.

The minister stepped in to help Gurpreet, who wanted to come back to India, after she posted a short video on Twitter, alleging that she and her seven-year daughter had been kept in a refugee camp in Germany by her husband’s family.

“Gurpreet and her daughter will reach New Delhi from Frankfurt by flight AI 120 at 9.35 am tomorrow morning,” Swaraj tweeted today.

Swaraj had earlier assured the distressed woman through Twitter that the Indian Consulate General in Frankfurt was handling the matter and he has even spoken to her father also. “We have brought Gurpreet and her 8 year old daughter from the refugee camp to our Consulate in Frankfurt,” she tweeted today.


Watch: Video: Faridabad woman stranded in Germany seeks Sushma Swaraj’s help to return home

The video of the woman describing her ordeal caught the attention of the social media users, prompting the government to spring into action. Responding to Gurpreet’s plea for help in the video, Swaraj tweeted: “Gurpreet – I have got the report from our Embassy in Germany”.

“We will help you,” Swaraj said in another tweet.

Gurpreet, hailing from Faridabad, said she and her daughter wanted to return to India at the earliest and claimed that she was taken to Germany by her in-laws in a “fraudulent” way.

The development comes as the latest in what has become a characteristic of the MEA. Swaraj is personally known for ensuring prompt help to distressed Indians abroad.

Recently, she had tweeted that Minister of State for External Affairs V K Singh will handle the problems of the Indian diaspora.

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