“After Italy now it is Poland to shut down.

Finally, Poland is closing the door to the coronavirus pandemic.

Due to the spreading coronavirus pandemic in the world, Poland has taken decisive action. These include, among others: a ban on entry of foreigners into Poland, restoration of borders with the European Union, closing of service and entertainment premises (excluding delivery) & more.

The Polish government on March 11 ordered a two-week shutdown of all educational facilities and public places like cinemas and museums in an effort to impede the coronavirus pandemic.

Poland has so far registered 31 cases of coronavirus infection. Hundreds of people suspected of having theย infection remain in hospitals, nearly 1,200 in quarantine and close to 12,000 under monitoring, according to a daily update from the health ministry, published on the evening of March 11.

Closing down schools and other public spaces is a preventative measure so that Poland avoids a situation similar to the one currently unfolding in Italy, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told a press conference.


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