Klassische Tanz aus Odissa (Indien) / Odissi Dance Performance by Sonali Mishra

Jubilรคumsveranstaltung ” Klassische Tanz aus Bengalen zur Ehren der 200. Jahresfeier der Bremer Stadtmusikanten”, am 29. Mai im Geschichten Haus, Vegesack

On the occassion of the 200th Anniversary of the story of the Bremen Town Musicians, dancer, Sonali Mishra, M.F.A. who is currently touring through Europe, will bring the traditional dance from the Bay of Bengal in East India to the Weser-Waterkant in Bremen.

Many thanks to Sonali Mishara for her wonderful performance, Mrs. Cynthia Bolen-Nieland for her great efforts in organizing it, Mr. Subhash Chopra / DIG for supporting it and our Honorable Consul General Mr. Madan L. Raigar and Mrs. Raigar of the Indian Consulate for coming all the way from Hamburg.



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