Munich against corona: Opening hours for shops, restaurants, events

(March 16th, 2020) The Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Sรถder (CSU) has declared a state of emergency in the Free State due to the spread of the coronavirus Sars-CoV-2. As at today, schools, day-care centres and kindergartens remain closed. Starting Tuesday, March 17th, the Free State will further expand these restrictions to public activities. No more events are allowed to take place for now. Bars, cinemas and swimming pools will be closed – and from Wednesday, March 18th, selected shops will also be closed. You can get all information about current decisions by the government, here!

Leisure: Cinemas, Swimming pools, zoo closed

Bavaria has further extended its restrictions due to the spread of the coronavirus.ย Not only will cinemas, clubs, pubs and the likes be closed, but sports arenas and playgrounds will also be closedย from Tuesday, 17 March – 19 April 2020. Bavarian Primeย Minister Markus Sรถder (CSU) announced this in Munich on Monday, March 16th.

Swimming pools and saunas will also not be open from Tuesday.ย Likewise, the Hellabrunn Zoo will be closed to visitors until further notice.ย Fitness studios, libraries, wellness centers, thermal baths, dance schools, zoos, amusement parks, further education centers, adult education centers, music schools and youth centers are also not left out.

Events: Trade fairs, concerts, theatre – no more events allowed

All events and gatherings are prohibited until April 19th.ย This includes Starkbierfests, concerts, theater performances and all other types of events throughout Bavaria.

Small celebrations in private premises where all participants have a personal connection (family, job) to each other are excluded.

Exceptional permissions can be granted on application by the responsible district administration authority, as far as this is justifiable (in individual cases) an infection protection law perspective.ย This applies from 17 March – 19 April 2020.

We will inform you about the situation of events in Munich – which events are canceled or postponed.

Event cancellations and postponements:ย Main overview

Gastro: Restaurants can only open till 3pm

In the fight against the coronavirus, restaurants and company canteens in Bavaria will only be allowed to open from 6 am – 3 pm, starting from March 18th.ย Afterwards, only take-away operations, deliveries and drive-throughs with self-collection will be possible.

As Prime Minister Markus Sรถder (CSU) explained, a distance of 1.5 meters between guests will also have to be ensured. Furthermoreย only a maximum of 30 people are allowed to be in the same restaurant at one time.

Video: State of emergency due to Corona pandemic – measures to be taken

Shopping: Retail shops closed – food stores to open longer

From Wednesday, March 18th, selected shops that do not provide basic supplies will also be closed.ย Grocery stores are to remain open.

In order to ensure supply of basic foods and other important products, Bavaria is extending the opening hours for certain stores.ย Supermarkets, grocery stores, drugstores, pharmacies, petrol stations, banks and some selected shops will be allowed to open until 10 pm on weekdays, and on Sundays from 12 pm to 6 pm.

Going out: Reconsider physical contacts – No curfews yet

Furthermore, Sรถder has called on the people of Bavaria to rethink physical contacts.ย “There is no curfew, at least not at the moment,” Sรถder said.ย But everyone should reconsider the need to go outside and what social contacts they have.

Sรถder stated that the chains of infection in Bavaria could no longer be traced.ย “An exponential development is beginning.”ย That’s why it’s important to do everything possible now to slow down the spread of the Sars-CoV-2 virus.ย And one of the tools is to rethink physical contacts with other people and slow down public life.

But Sรถder warned against panic: Stay calm, don’t panic, but remain very determined.ย He added that this is a stress test and character test for everyone.

Economy: Bavaria provides 10 billion euros aid for Corona crisis

In order to protect the Bavarian economy from the effects of the Corona crisis, the Free State of Bavaria is suspending the “debt brake”.

Bavaria is also providing an aid package of 10 billion euros.ย This was announced by Prime Minister Markus Sรถder (CSU) on Monday, March 16th, in Munich.ย “The situation is very serious and keeps changing daily – unfortunately, not for the better”, Sรถder stressed.ย To enable the provision of funds, the debt brake anchored in the constitution will be temporarily suspended for one year.ย He said the state of emergency starts with immediate effect.

The 10 billion euro protection package is intended to protect the economy.ย It includes special guarantee frameworks and emergency financial aid of between 5,000 – 30,000 euros.ย “We won’t let anyone down,” Sรถder said.ย He added that the current priority was to preserve the liquidity of companies and creative artists.

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