These restrictions are expected to apply throughout Germany from next Monday.

Contacts: Only members of two households are allowed to meet in public – a maximum of ten people. In addition, citizens are encouraged to reduce contacts beyond their own household to an absolutely necessary minimum. “Groups of people celebrating in public places, in apartments and in private facilities are unacceptable in view of the serious situation in our country,” the decision said.

Unnecessary private trips and visits from relatives should be avoided.

Catering establishments are to close for the rest of the month from November 2nd, as are bars, discos and pubs. This does not apply to the delivery and collection of meals for consumption at home, canteens should be allowed to remain open.

Wholesalers and retailers remain open subject to hygiene requirements. A maximum of one customer is allowed per ten square meters of sales area.

Services: Cosmetic studios, massage practices and tattoo studios should be closed because the minimum distance cannot be maintained here. Medically necessary treatments, for example by a physiotherapist, are still possible. Hairdressing salons will also remain open – subject to the existing hygiene requirements.

Supermarkets: The retail trade remains open – but there are regulations as to how many customers can be in the store at the same time.

Schools and kindergartens should remain open.

Professional sports , including the Bundesliga, should only take place in November without spectators.

The amateur sport mode is set, so clubs may no longer work. Individual sport, such as jogging alone, should continue to be allowed. Fitness studios, swimming pools and fun pools will be closed.

The federal and state governments want to largely ban events that serve entertainment and leisure activities across Germany from next week until the end of November. Theaters, operas and concert halls add to this. Casinos, gambling halls, betting shops and brothels must also close, as well as cinemas, amusement parks and trade fairs.

Tourist accommodation offers in Germany are prohibited in November. These should only be made for necessary purposes such as mandatory business trips.

Smaller companies with up to 50 employees should receive up to 75 percent of the turnover from November 2019, larger companies up to 70 percent. The fixed costs of a company should be lumped, it was communicated from the negotiating circles.

Note :

The above information is not 100% sure there might be changes in rules, and restrictions our intention to give information.

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