There is only less decrease in percentage of returning to home countries after the pandemic environment.

While some 72% of students from outside the EU said they intended to apply for a residence permit for a longer stay in the Netherlands prior to the pandemic, students now indicating the same has decreased to 56%.

Additionally, of the 131 international technical degree students surveyed, 60% expressed an intention to stay in the Netherlands compared to 52% of students in other fields of study.

While for this cohort of students says career opportunities have a positive influence on a longer stay in the Netherlands, the proportion of students positive about the job chances in the Netherlands fell from 57.3% pre-pandemic, to 45.8% now.

“We cannot simply assume that international students are immune to the consequences of the crisis, we have to have a plan for them.”

A 2019 study by the Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis shows a non-EU student contributes €68,500 to the economy per student if they study at a university of applied sciences, and €96,300 if they are a research university student.

Each EU student at university of applied sciences also contributes €5,000, while this increases to €16,900 for a student at research university.

“If fewer students decide to stay, this amount will also decrease.”

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