To all my dear Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), :

We have come across several videos of NRIs abusing the Indian passport controls and other Indian Government authorities when they arrive in India from heavy risk countries. NRIs do not want to go under the mandatory quarantine period of 14 days which has been essentially imposed in almost all the countries by now. There have been instances where people have escaped quarantine period, run away from the quarantine facilities, among several other foolish acts.

This quarantine period ensures that any person who may possibly be a coronavirus carrier be isolated from the rest of the population and that person be treated timely for a speedy recovery. If such NRIs resist the quarantine period, the food for thought must be given to the below:

• First and foremost, do understand that India did not have the Coronavirus, it is us and other foreigners who have taken Coronavirus there, thereby disrupting the usual course of life in the country. With the foreigners already in check, it is left to NRIs to adopt the recommended measures.

• Neither India nor its government owes you anything; it is you who came out of India for a better and comfortable life and that’s fine; but in times of distress, you opting to go back to India and helping the cause of spreading the Coronavirus there is only irresponsible, inhuman and unjustified. The least that could be expected of you is that you observe the quarantine requirements which are meant for your safety and of those around you.

• Do remember while you behave like a lion in India, you are no more than a rat outside of India. While you abuse Indian authorities to the maximum for the little discomfort that you may be facing at the airports even after knowing that Indian authorities are working round the clock to ensure the safety of 1.3 billion population, you know you would be shitting your pants if you even slightly raised your voice against Foreign Authorities in your country of residence, let alone hurdling a word of abuse.

• Do remember we are a country of 1.3 billion population and we are densely populated, and just imagine the congestion at the airports in managing such a huge number. Do not think you are to be welcomed as kings or queens or you are entitled to any special privilege just because you are an NRI.

• By not following the quarantine measures just because you think you cannot be infected by the virus, you may be inevitably putting your elders in the family and the society at risk, for no fault of theirs, but only due to your own negligence.

• So far, India as fared really well at international levels in containing this pandemic, please do not contribute to spoil this.

In the end, to say the least, it is expected of you that you are an educated, civilized and well-behaved citizen of the country, and please demonstrate this by your actions.

Note :

  • Indian Government will take necessary steps after 2-4 weeks, First they need to get in control the situation,
  • Get connected to Indian Embassies, Indian consulates, Indian Associations, and Organisations.
  • Government will surely provide emergency flights and extra flights at least for 1 for 1week.
  • Just Stay where you are take some one support, Don’t be shy to ask for help, Every Indian is ready to help you. Forget who you are what you are, Humanity stands now,

Thank you

Courtesy: A responsible Human being.

Written by Dr. Kumar Anubhav, Prannit

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