From Today night next two weeks is curfew/restrictions in Bayern..
Guys, No need to panic and buy as shops, banks are open. So please do not do panic buying. Stay home…..

IF people did not come out this decision could not taken?

I donโ€™t give a damn about Coronaโ€, said an acquaintance at a recent gathering. That was exactly two weeks and two days ago. It sounded crude and nonchalant but not absurd.ย Now this is a sentence from another world. The tragedy is that many of the presumed main carriers of the virus โ€“young adultsโ€“ carry on living by this motto.

As the first of Germanyโ€™s large cities to take such a step,ย Freiburgย last night imposed a curfew. Markus Sรถder, Minister President of Bavaria, has threatened the same if people donโ€™t come to their senses. Finally he took decision, for Bavaria.

Sรถder has generally been one or two days ahead of his ministerial colleagues, so his announcement can be understood asย an indication of what we can expect here, too. We’ll keep you up to date in the

From Friday night there will be basic exit restrictions in Bavaria . These apply from midnight. Workers should enable home office “wherever possible”. Physiotherapists should only work in exceptional cases. The right to visit nursing homes and clinics no longer has the right to visit – except in the event of death, birth and when children are visited by parents.

There are no bottlenecks in the food supply, says Markus Sรถder. Banks have opened further. Hardware stores and garden centers close. Likewise hairdressers. The gastronomy also closes. There are only take-away offers. Sport and walking are still possible – but only alone or with the family. “No large gatherings of people are allowed anymore,” says Sรถder.

The police will monitor the measures. The regulations apply temporarily for 14 days.So there will be fines if not followed.

just a quick summary of the press conference this afternoon :

– The following measures are valid for at least the upcoming 14 days, starting tomorrow Saturday 21st of March
– Curfew for Bavaria
– Employers have to give the possibility of working from home for their employees, unless itโ€™s not possible due special circumstances (line workers, bus drivers, etc.)
– People are allowed to go to the supermarket or to doctors
– Everything will be closed e.g. restaurants, bars, hair cutter, etc.
– Supermarkets, Doctor, Hospitals, Gas stations, Banks, will be remain open.
– You are not allowed to meet other people besides your family or people who are living at the same place (flat mates, etc.)
– Police is going to control everybody on the streets. If you are violating the law, they can fine you with a ticket up to 25.000 Euro.
– If you have to go to the supermarket, donโ€™t go with the entire family. Ideally only one person go to the supermarket.
– Stay at home and stop Corona.

Written by: Aravind Babu Guntha

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