This is a business opportunity in Media Industry with SSIL. Those who are very passionate about movies, music and media can collaborate with SSIL.

Sri Sri International UK Limited a registered Corporate Company in UK and a parent company to many subsidiaries; inviting all Sub-Distributors for a business opportunity to distribute all Indian movies in UK & Europe.

Note: – SSIL think every film has a value & set of audience and will provide a platform to all kinds of movies.


  1. SSIL is committed to distribute all kinds of Indian movies irrespective of Language, Genre, Casting, Budget (Low, Medium, High).
  2. SSIL will distribute Movies in all Indian Languages (Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Punjabi) there by reducing risk for an investor/sub distributor.
  3. SSIL is also trying to distribute Hollywood/English movies in the future.
  4. We deal directly from Independent film makers to Corporate Producers in all Languages. We negotiate all terms and conditions with Producers directly.
  5. We already made an agreements and tie-ups with UK Chain of Cinemas and Asian TV channels (Sony, Star, B4U, Colors) for publicity.
  6. We also working on other forms of publicity (online/offline) in UK, so that the investor will get maximum collections.
  7. All Sub-distribution agreements with SSIL will be documented with our Solicitors.
  8. All documentation will be audited by qualified Chartered Accountants.
  9. Collection reports from Rentrak (an official company which deals with Box office collections) will be submitted to investors after a full run of each movie.
  10. SSIL also distribute/release third party content from other distributors in Chain of Cinemas.
  11. We already working on lot of things day by day to streamline the process and paper work which you will see very soon.

Business Proposal:-

1. Any person can join, irrespective of gender.
2. You invest and SSIL will do rest of the hard work.
3. Distribute movies in Chain of Cinemas in UK and Europe.
4. We can distribute movies in UK from as low as 拢150 per show/per site for each sub-distributor; which includes

路 UK Censorship -British Board of Film Classification,
路 Screen rent/Digital Fee (Virtual Print Fee-VPF),
路 Movie Prints Duplication,
路 KDM keys
路 Movie Trailer Ads (2 weeks) in one Popular Asian TV channel.
路 All other miscellaneous costs/fee

5. Different investment options available. Let鈥檚 talk.
6. Sub-distributors will receive a letter of agreement for each movie about movie rights and area of screening.
7. All documentation will be submitted to sub-distributors or investors from time to time.

Whoever interested can contact us for further discussion at below address. Post me your interest as

1. Accepted (Please provide your full details)
2. Declined (oops sorry to know)
3. Tentative (we will wait)

If you are not interested; someone will be, so PLEASE pass on the information to your friends.

Note: – Support and Encourage all kinds of movies. KILL PIRACY.

Terms and Conditions Apply
路 The above price is based on minimum of 10- investors and 7-screenings/week/site/distributor booked for each film,
路 Less number of screenings and less number of distributors for each film makes; per screening costs little expensive.
路 Screenings after 6pm during weekdays, weekends and on public holidays (all times) may incur extra charges.
路 Price for U