#VandeBharatMission to bring stranded #Indian nationals home in a phased manner to begin from 7 May. There is no information about repatriation flight from #Germany as of now. We are awaiting further information from Ministry. Please keep following us for an update.

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  1. Ritika bhatia says:


    My name is Ritika Bhatia. I am an Indian pursuing my studies in Rennes, France. I would like to know about the travelling status. As my parents are getting scared and want me to come back to India safely. Also leaving france so many countries are trying so hard to get their citizens or immigrants out of trouble. I have no clue about the flight status, airport procedures etc. I desperately want to go back to india but unfortunately there is not even a single flight from paris. Also my visa got expired and due to lockdown I couldn’t be able to renew it. It would be really helpful if you can just help me reach my home town. Requesting you to kindly help me and respond as soon as possible.

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