Recently Death of Indian student(Praveen kumar Averneni) in Paris, France shocked every one, He is pursuing his Msย  in Paris. As per family friendsย  information, we lost him due to Bad health Conditions,(Tuberculosis). He neglectedย  his health condition completely.

Parents back in India, wants to see her son for last time atleast, But due to covid-19, we are having very less flights facilities from Paris to India to send body to India, Telugu association and Indian Associations are trying their level best to coordinate with Indian Embassy France.

Ex chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh also requested MEA,(Ministry of External Affairs) to support this situation and bring body back. We must wait and see how situations will support their parents.


Unfortunately we have lost our beloved brother

On Wednesday May 20th, Praveen Averneni passed away. We have lost our brother. With all of the emotional pain and stress that a loss like this brings, it also is accompanied by financial burdens. With this fundraiser we are in hopes to raise the funds and to help with any costs that will incur and to help wherever needed.

He will be missed by all but his memory will live forever.

We are thankful for any support you may be able to provide. We also encourage everyone to keep him in their thoughts and prayers.

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Venkkat Prannit Nissankara