Indian Woman Gets a Rare Honour
A 300 hundred year old work transcribed by Ragasudha Vinjamuri was released at British Parliament’s House of Commons on 10th May 2016 in a glittering ceremony celebrating world renowned Acharya Ramanuja’s 999th Jayantotsavas. The unveiling of the said Telugu text in praise of Acharya Ramanuja has made a significant signature mark in the British Hindu history.
The text was present on 70 palm leaf folios in the possession of British Library and was authored by Illindala Paravastu Ramanujacharyulu, a well-reputed scholar near Tirupathi area. The transcription, ascertaining the author, filling the gaps on damaged folios spanned over 3 years and demonstrated Ragasudha’s efforts, perseverance and commitment to heritage and culture.
Mesmerising speeches by Dr M. Nanda Kumara, Executive Director of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, former MP Padma Bhushan Dr Yarlagadda Lakshmi Prasad, Shri Satish Sharma from British Board of Hindu Scholars, Pandit Madhava Turumella, and Minister for Coordination from High Commission of India, Mr A.S Rajan have all highlighted the contributions of the great Acharya to the religious philosophy and social fabric of India.

Ragasudha has shared with the elite audiences how she worked on the damaged folios and missing content to fill the gaps in the text.
Speaking on the occasion, Dr Yarlagadda has applauded Bob Blackman, Member of Parliament for Harrow East and Sanskruti Centre for Cultural Excellence for hosting the unique event at the British Parliament and indicated that the 1000th birth anniversary next year must be celebrated with much more fervour. Dr Nanda Kumar highlighted the social inclusion policy and the magnanimity of Ramanuja, while Madhava Turumella compared the aspects of Advaita and Visishtadvaita. Satish Sharma has underscored the significance and relevance of Ramanuja’s teaching s in the present day context and applauded Ragasudha for her efforts in bringing out old texts to public awareness and bringing Indian heritage to easier reach. An Annamacharya Kirtana on Ramanujacharya was sung by Sirisha Jammi. Sakshi Vishwesh and Sushil Rapatwar have introduced speakers to the audiences. Messages from key dignitaries were read out on the occasion.
The Parliament’s Room was abuzz with members representing different community, spiritual and cultural organisations, who lauded the work and efforts of Ragasudha. Lord and Lady Dholakia were presented with the copy of the book, who have both expressed their appreciation for the work done.

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