Indian Embassy in Vienna, Austria
Embassy of India in Austria
Kaerntnerring 2
City: Vienna
Phone: 00-43-1-5058666-9
Fax: 00-43-1-5059219

Indian Embassy in Minsk, Belarus
Embassy of India in Belarus
Sobinova Street 63,
City: Minsk
Phone: 00-375-17-2629399
Fax: 00-375-17-2884799, 2161896

Indian Embassy in Brussels, Belgium
Embassy of India in Belgium
217, Chaussee de Vleurgat
City: Brussels
Phone: 00-322-6409140
Fax: 00-322-6489638
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Indian Consulate in Ghent, Belgium
Honorary Consulate General of India in Ghent, Belgium
St. Benijs Western
City: Ghent
Phone: +09-2228859
Fax: +09-2210099
Indian Consulate in Antwerp, Belgium
Honorary Consulate General of India in Antwerp, Belgium
Bus 19
B. 2018
City: Antwerp
Phone: +03-2321910
Fax: +03-2321780

Indian Embassy in Zagreb, Croatia
Embassy of India in Croatia
Boskoviceva 7A
City: Zagreb
Phone: 00-385-1-4873239-41
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Indian Embassy in Prague, Czech Republic
Embassy of India in Czech Republic
Valdstejnska 6
11800, 1
City: Prague
Phone: 00-420-257533490-93
Fax: 00-420-257533378
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Indian Embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark
Embassy of India in Denmark
Vangehusvej 15
The Embassy is located close to Svanemollen S Station and Strandore Bus stand.
City: Copenhagen
Phone: 00-45-39182888, 39299201
Fax: 00-45-39270218
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Indian Embassy in Helsinki, Finland
Embassy of India in Helsinki, Finland
Satamakatu 2A8
City: Helsinki
Phone: 00-358-9-2289910
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Indian Consulate in Saint Denis, France
Honorary Consulate General of India in Reunion Island, France
266 Rue Marechal Leclerc
City: Saint Denis
Phone: +262-417547,417548
Fax: +262-210170

Indian Embassy in Paris, France
Embassy of India in France
15, rue Alfred Dehodencq
75016 Paris, France
City: Paris
Phone: 00-33-1-40507070
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Indian Embassy in Berlin, Germany
Embassy of India in Berlin, Germany
Tiergartenstrasse 17
City: Berlin
Phone: 00-49-30-257950
Fax: 00-49-30-25795102
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Email: chancery@indianembassy>

Indian Consulate in Frankfurt, Germany
Consulate General of India in Frankfurt, Germany    
Friedrich-Ebert-Anlage 26,
60325 Frankfurt/M
City: Frankfurt
Phone: 00-49-69-1530050
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Indian Consulate in Hamburg, Germany
Consulate General of India in Hamburg, Germany
Raboisen 6
City: Hamburg
Phone: 00-49-40-338036, 324744
Fax: 00-49-40-323757

Indian Consulate in Munich, Germany
Consulate General of India in Munich, Germany
Widenmayerstrasse 15
City: Munich
Phone: 00-49-89-2102390
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Indian Embassy in Athens, Greece
Embassy of India in Greece
3 Kleanthous Street
City: Athens
Phone: 00-30-1-7216227, 7216481
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Indian Embassy in Budapest, Hungary
Embassy of India in Budapest, Hungary
1025 Budapest
Buzavirag utca 14
City: Budapest
Phone: 00-36-1-3257742, 3257743
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Indian Embassy in Dublin, Ireland
Embassy of India in Ireland
6 Leeson Park
City: Dublin
Phone: 00-353-1-4970843, 4966792
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Indian Embassy in Rome, Italy
Embassy of India in Italy
Via XX Settembre, 5
City: Rome
Phone: 00-39-06-4884642 45
Fax: 00-39-06-4819539
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Indian Consulate in Genoa, Italy
Honorary Consulate General of India in Genoa, Italy
Vilale Padre
Santo 5
City: Genoa
Phone: +39-10-54891
Fax: +39-10-5489333

Indian Consulate in Milan, Italy
Consulate General of India in Milan, Italy
Via Larga 16
City: Milan
Phone: 00-39-02-8057691
Fax: 00-39-02-72002226
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Indian Consulate in Livorno, Italy
Honorary Consulate General of India in Livorno, Italy
Piazza Carour
12, 57125
City: Livorno
Phone: +39-846111
Fax: +39-846257

Indian Embassy in The Hague, Netherlands
Embassy of India in The Hague, Netherlands
Buitenrustweg 2
2517 KD
City: The Hague
Phone: 00-31-70-3469771
Fax: 00-31-70-3617072
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Indian Embassy in Oslo, Norway
Embassy of India in Norway
Niels Juels Gate 30
City: Oslo
Phone: 00-47-22552229, 22443194
Fax: 00-47-22440720
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Indian Embassy in Warsaw, Poland
Embassy of India in Poland
Ul. Rejtana 15, Flats 2-7
City: Warsaw
Phone: 00-48-22-8495800, 8496257
Fax: 00-48-22-8496705
Web Site:

Indian Embassy in Lisbon, Portugal
Embassy of India in Portugal
Rua Pero da Covilha 16
Restelo, 1400
City: Lisbon
Phone: 00-351-213041090
Fax: 00-351-213016576

Indian Consulate in Senhora da Hora, Portugal
Honorary Consulate General of India in Senhora da Hora, Portugal
RIVITEX, Sociedade Commercial
Importadora, LDA, Estrada
Exterior da,Circunvalacoa, 12252
Apartado 4128
City: Senhora da Hora
Phone: +351-2-9531770
Fax: +351-2-9531769
Indian Embassy in Bucharest, Romania
Embassy of India in Romania
183, Mihai Eminescu Street
Sector 2,
City: Bucharest
Phone: 00 40 21 2115451/6190236
Fax: 00 40 21 2110614/2118715
Web Site:

Indian Embassy in Moscow, Russia
Embassy of India in Moscow, Russian Federation
6-8 Vorontsovo Polye
(Ulitsa Obukha)
City: Moscow
Phone: 00-7-095-9170820, 7837535
Fax: 00-7-095-9752337
Web Site:

Indian Consulate in Vladivostok, Russia
Consulate General of India in Vladivostok, Russia
46, 4th Floor
Verkhneportovaya Street
PO Box No. 308, Vladivostok 690090
City: Vladivostok
Phone: 00-7-4232-413920/413933
Fax: 00-7-4232-413956

Indian Consulate in St.Petersburg, Russia
Consulate General of India in St.Petersburg, Russia
35, Ulitsa Reyleeva
St.Petersburg 191123
City: St.Petersburg
Phone: 00-7-812-2721988
Fax: 00-7-812-2722473

Indian Embassy in Belgrade, Serbia
Embassy of India in Serbia
Ljutice Bogdana 8
City: Belgrade
Phone: +381-11-266-1029,266-1034,2664-127
Fax: +381-11-367-4209
Web Site:
Email: ssindemb@eunet.yu,
Indian Embassy in Bratislava, Slovakia
Embassy of India in Slovak Republic
Dunajska 4, (7th Floor)
811 08
City: Bratislava
Phone: 00-421-2-5296 2915
Fax: 00-421-2-5296 2921
Web Site:

Indian Embassy in Madrid, Spain
Embassy of India in Madrid, Spain
Av. Pio XII, 30-32
28016 Madrid
City: Madrid
Phone: 902901010, 911315100
Fax: 913451112
Web Site:

Indian Consulate in Barcelona, Spain
Honorary Consulate General of India in Barcelona, Spain
C/Teodoro Roviralta 21-23, 08022
City: Barcelona
Phone: +34-3-2120422/0354

Indian Consulate in Canary Islands, Spain
Honorary Consulate General of India in Canary Islands, Spain
Calle Sanjose No. 23, 2nd Floor
P.O. ox No. 336
38002 Santa Cruz de Tenerife
City: Canary Islands
Phone: +34-22-341416,243503
Fax: +34-22-289755

Indian Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden
Embassy of India in Stockholm, Sweden
Adolf Fredriks Kyrkogata 12
BOX 1340
111 83
City: Stockholm
Phone: 00-46-8-107008, 4113212
Fax: 00-46-8-248505
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Indian Embassy in Berne, Switzerland
Indian Embassy in Switzerland
Kirchenfeldstrasse 28
3000, 6
City: Berne
Phone: 00-41-31-3511110, 3511046
Fax: 00-41-31-3511557
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Indian Consulate in Geneva, Switzerland
Consulate General of India in Geneva, Switzerland
9, rue de Valais
City: Geneva
Phone: 00-41-22-9068686
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Indian Consulate in Zurich, Switzerland
Honorary Consul General of India in Zurich, Switzerland
Sonnenbergstrasse 50
8032 Zurich
City: Zurich
Phone: 0041-43-3443210
Fax: 0041-43-2685102

Indian Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine
Embassy of India in Ukraine
4 Terokhina Street
Kiev, 01901
City: Kiev
Phone: 3 00-380-44-4686219, 4686661
Fax: 00-380-44-4686619
Web Site:

Indian Consulate in Odessa, Ukraine
Honorary Consulate General of India in Odessa, Ukraine
31, Kirova Street
City: Odessa
Phone: + 7-0482-224333
Fax: + 7-0482-229342

Indian Consulate in London, United Kingdom
High Commission of India in London, England (UK)
India House
City: London
Phone: 00-44-207-8368484
Fax: 00-44-207-8364331
Web Site:
Indian Consulate in Birmingham, United Kingdom
Consulate General of India in Birmingham, England (UK)
20 Augusta Street
Jewellery Quarter, Hockley
B18 6JL
City: Birmingham
Phone: +44-(0)121-212-2782 (four lines)
Fax: +44-(0)121-212-2786
Web Site:
Indian Consulate in Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Consulate General of India in Edinburgh, Scotland (UK)
17 Rutland Square
Edinburgh EH1 2BB
City: Edinburgh
Phone: 00-44-131-2292144
Fax: 00-44-131-2292155
Web Site:

Indian Consulate in Belfast, United Kingdom
Honarary Consulate of India, Belfast, Northern Ireland (UK)
Andras House Ltd.
60 Great Victoria Street
City: Belfast
Phone: +44(0) 28 9087 8787
Fax: +44(0) 28 9087 8797

Europe Relations Of India

G20Leaders Summit on Financial Markets and theWorld Economyin Washington, D.C.

Main article:India–European Union relations

India was one of the first countries to develop relations with the Union, signing bilateral agreements in 1973, when the United Kingdom joined. The most recent cooperation agreement was signed in 1994 and an action plan was signed in 2005. As of April 2007 the Commission is pursuing a free trade agreement with India.

The Union is India’s largest trading partner, accounting for 20% of Indian trade. However, India accounts for only 1.8% of the EU’s trade and attracts only 0.3% of EuropeanForeign Direct Investment, although still provides India’s largest source. During 2005 EU-India trade grew by 20.3%

There was controversy in 2006 when the IndianMittal Steel Companysought to take-over theLuxembourg basedsteel company,Arcelor. The approach met with opposition from France and Luxembourg but was passed by the Commission who stated that were judging it on competition grounds only.

The European Union (EU) and India agreed on 29 September 2008 at the EU-India summit inMarseille, France’s largest commercial port, to expand their cooperation in the fields of nuclear energy and environmental protection and deepen their strategic partnership. French PresidentNicolas Sarkozy, the EU’s rotating president, said at a joint press conference at the summit that “EU welcomes India, as a large country, to engage in developing nuclear energy, adding that this clean energy will be helpful for the world to deal with the global climate change”. Sarkozy also said the EU and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan pledged to accelerate talks on a free trade deal and expected to finish the deal by 2009. The Indian prime minister was also cautiously optimistic about cooperation on nuclear energy. “Tomorrow we have a bilateral summit with France. This matter will come up and I hope some good results will emerge out of that meeting”, Singh said when asked about the issue. Singh said that he was “very satisfied” with the results of the summit. He added that EU and India have “common values” and the two economies are complementary to each other.

European Commission President JosĂ© Manuel Barroso, also speaking at Monday’s press conference, expounded the joint action plan on adjustments of EU’s strategic partnership with India, saying the two sides will strengthen cooperation on world peace and safety, sustainable development, cooperation in science and technology and cultural exchanges.

Reviewing the two sides’ efforts in developing the bilateral strategic partnership, the joint action plan reckoned that in politics, dialogue and cooperation have enhanced through regular summits and exchanges of visits and that in economy, mutual investments have increased dramatically in recent years, dialogue in macro economic policies and financial services has established and cooperation in energy, science and technology and environment has been launched. Under the joint action plan, EU and Indian would enhance consultation and dialogue on human rights within the UN framework, strengthen cooperation in world peacekeeping mission, fight against terror and non-proliferation of arms, promote cooperation and exchange in developing civil nuclear energy and strike a free trade deal as soon as possible. France, which relies heavily on nuclear power and is a major exporter of nuclear technology, is expected to sign a deal that would allow it to provide nuclear fuel to India.

Trade between India and the 27-nation EU has more than doubled from 25.6 billion euros ($36.7 billion) in 2000 to 55.6 billion euros last year, with further expansion to be seen. “We have agreed to achieve an annual bilateral trade turnover of 100 billion euros within the next five years”, Singh told reporters. A joint statement issued at the end of the summit said the EU and India would work to reach an agreement on climate change by the end of 2009.


Main article:Denmark–India relations

Denmark has an embassy inNew Delhi, and India has an embassy inCopenhagen.

Tranquebar, a town in the southern Indian state ofTamil Nadu, was a Danish colony in India from 1620 to 1845. It is spelledTrankebarorTranquebarinDanish, which comes from the nativeTamil, Tarangambadi, meaning “place of the singing waves”. It was sold, along with the other Danish settlements in mainland India, most notablySerampore(now inWest Bengal), toGreat Britainin 1845. TheNicobar Islandswere also colonised by Denmark, until sold to the British in 1868, who made them part of their colony of British India.

After Independence in 1947, Indian prime ministerPandit Jawaharlal Nehru‘s visit to Denmark in 1957 laid the foundation for a friendly relationship between India and Denmark that has endured ever since. Thebilateral relationsbetween India and Denmark are cordial and friendly, based on synergies in political, economic, academic and research fields. There have been periodic high level visits between the two countries.

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, formerPrime Minister of Denmark, accompanied by a large business delegation, paid aState visitto India from 4 to 8 February 2008. He visitedInfosys,BioconandIIM BangaloreinBangaloreandAgra. He launched an ‘India Action Plan’, which called for strengthening of the political dialogue, strengthening of cooperation in trade and investments, research in science and technology,energy,climateandenvironment, culture, education, student exchanges and attracting skilled manpower and IT experts to Denmark for short periods. The two countries signed an Agreement for establishment of a Bilateral Joint Commission for Coopration.

In July 2012,Govt of Indiadecided to scale down its diplomatic ties with Denmark after that country’s refusal to appeal in their Supreme Court against a decision of its lower court rejecting the extradition ofPurulia arms drop caseprime accused Kim Davy a.k.a.Niels Holck. Agitated over Denmark’s refusal to act on India’s repeated requests to appeal in their apex court to facilitate Davy’sextraditionto India, government issued a circular directing all senior officials not to meet or entertain any Danish diplomat posted in India.

Vatican City & the Holy See

Main article:Holy See–India relations

Formal bilateral relations between India and the Vatican have existed since 12 June 1948. An Apostolic Delegation existed in India from 1881. The Holy See has anunciature in New Delhiwhilst India has accredited its embassy inBern, Switzerland to the Holy See as well. India’s Ambassador in Bern has traditionally been accredited to the Holy See. The present Apostolic Nuncio to India is ArchbishopSalvatore Pennacchiowhile India’s ambassador to the Holy See isChitra Narayanan.

The connexions between theCatholic churchand India can be traced back to the apostleSt. Thomas, who, according to tradition, came to India in 52 CE in the 9th century, the patriarch of the Nestorians inPersiasent bishops to India. There is a record of an Indian bishop visitingRomein the early part of the 12th century.

Thediplomatic missionwas established as theApostolic Delegationto the East Indies in 1881, and includedCeylon, and was extended toMalacain 1889, and then to Burma in 1920, and eventually includedGoain 1923. It was raised to an Internunciature by PopePius XIIin 12 June 1948 and to a full Apostolic Nunciature byPope Paul VIon 22 August 1967.

There have been three Papal visits to India. The first Pope to visit India wasPope Paul VI, who visitedMumbaiin 1964 to attend theInternational Eucharistic Congress. PopeJohn Paul IIvisited India in February 1986 and November 1999. Several Indian dignitaries have, from time to time, called on the Pope in theVatican. These include Prime MinisterIndira Gandhiin 1981 and Prime MinisterI.K. Gujralin September 1987.Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Prime Minister, called on the Pope in June 2000 during his official visit to Italy. Vice-PresidentBhairon Singh Shekhawatrepresented the country at the funeral of Pope John Paul II.

United Kingdom

Main article:India–United Kingdom relations

India has a high commission in London and two consulates-general inBirminghamandEdinburgh.[199]The United Kingdom has a high commission in New Delhi and five deputy high commissions inMumbai,Chennai,Bangalore,HyderabadandKolkata.[200]Since 1947, India’s relations with the United Kingdom have been through bilateral, as well as through theCommonwealth of Nationsframework. Although the Sterling Area no longer exists and the Commonwealth is much more an informal forum, India and the UK still have many enduring links. This is in part due to the significant number of people ofIndian originliving in the UK. The large South Asian population in the UK results in steady travel and communication between the two countries. TheBritish Rajallowed for both cultures to imbibe tremendously from the other. The English language and cricket are perhaps the two most evident British exports, whilst in the UK food from the Indian subcontinent are very popular.The United Kingdom’s favourite food is often reported to beIndian cuisine, although no official study reports this.

Economically the relationship between Britain and India is also strong. India is the second largest investor in Britain after the US.Britain is also one of the largest investors in India.

In 2008 Britain gave India a ÂŁ825 million aid package to help India develop its health and education systems.


Main article:France–India relations

India has selected 126Dassault Rafalefighters for theIndian Air Force

France and India established diplomatic relationships soon after India’sindependence from the United Kingdomin 1947. India’s strong diplomatic ties with France facilitated the peaceful handover ofPondicherryto India on 1 November 1954 without any opposition from France.

France, Russia and Israel were the only countries that did not condemnIndia’s decision to go nuclear in 1998.In 2003, France became the largest supplier of nuclear fuel and technology to India and remains a large military and economic trade partner. India’s candidacy for permanent membership in the UN Security Council has found very strong support from former French President Nicolas Sarkozy. The Indian Government’s decisions to purchase FrenchScorpène class submarinesworth US$3 billion and 43Airbusaircraft for Air Indiaworth US$2.5 billion have further cemented the strategic, military and economic co-operation between India and France.

France’s decision to ban schoolchildren from wearing of head-dresses and veils had the unintended consequence of affecting Sikh children who have been refused entry in public schools. The Indian Government, citing historic traditions of the Sikh community, has requested French authorities to review the situation so as to not to exclude Sikh children from education.

Nicolas Sarkozyvisited India in January 2008 and was the Chief Guest of theRepublic Dayparade in New Delhi. France was the first country to sign a nuclear energy co-operation agreement with India; this was done during Prime Minister Singh’s visit, following the waiver by theNuclear Suppliers Group. During theBastille Daycelebrations on 14 July 2009, a detachment of 400 Indian troops marched alongside the French troops andIndian Prime MinisterManmohan Singh was the guest of honour.[208]


Relations between India and Italy have historically been strong and cordial. Italy and India are also close economic partners and is home to alarge population of Indian immigrants.Sonia Gandhi, the chief of India’s leading political party, theIndian National Congress, was born in Italy and acquired Indian citizenship through marriage to former Indian PMRajiv Gandhi.

There have, however, been occasional diplomatic flare-ups and there are ongoing issues between the two countries. The difficulty in obtaining a visas of any kind (tourist, business, employment and others) which when issued are only for very short term and after a lot of hurdles for both Indian and Italian nationals has reduced noticeably the possibility of tourism and business development between the two countries. Indian passengers of Sikh origin, have been singled out for additional screening because of their traditional turban. Italian security staff at airports have insisted that Sikhs remove the head-wear instead of following special security-check provisions which have been implemented in most western countries (especially USA, Canada and UK) with regard to Sikh air-travel passengers.

India maintains an Embassy in Rome, and a Consulate-General inMilan. Italy has an embassy in New Delhi, and Consulate-Generals inMumbaiandCalcutta.

There are around 150,000 people ofIndian Originsliving in Italy. Around 1,000 Italian citizens reside in India, mostly working on behalf of Italian industrial groups.

Two Italian naval guards currently face trial in India in connection with the killing of two Indian fishermen within the Indian Contiguous Zone off the Kerala coast on 15 February 2012. TheEnrica Lexie incident, where Italian Marines of the San Marco Regiment are accused of shooting dead two Indian fishermen, sparked a major diplomatic row between India and Italy. In March 2013, the dispute evolved into a stand-off when Italy reneged on a sovereign undertaking given to the Indian Supreme Court regarding a conditional release accorded to the two Italian marines. Indian Supreme Court retaliated by barring the Italian Ambassador from leaving India. A major diplomatic crisis was averted when Italy backed down and complied with its undertaking to the Indian Supreme Court by returning the two Italian marines to India.

Traditionally good India-Italy relations have been severely affected in the wake of theEnrica Lexie incidentand theChoppergate bribery scandalregarding the sale of AgustaWestland AW101 VVIP helicopters by Italian conglomerate Finmeccanica.


Main article:Germany–India relations

Arrival of the first Indian student to Dresden, East Germany, in 1951

During theCold WarIndia maintained diplomatic relations with West Germany and East Germany. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the reunification of Germany, relations have further improved. The German ambassador to India,Bernd Mutzelburg, once said that India and Germany, are not just ‘natural partners’, but important countries in a globalised world. Germany is India’s largest trade partner in Europe. German ChancellorAngela Merkelvisited India recently, as did the Indian Prime MinisterManmohan Singhvisit Germany. Both countries have been working towards gaining permanent seats in theUnited Nations Security Council. As both countries are strong liberal democracies, they have similar objectives. UN reforms, fighting terrorism and climate change, and promotion of science, education, technology, and human rights, are some areas of shared interests, and collaboration between these two countries. Culturally too, Indian and German writers and philosophers, have influenced each other.Recently, Germany has invested in developing education and skills amongst rural Indians. Also of note, during World War II an Indian division known as theTiger Legionwas attached to the GermanWehrmacht.


Main article:Greece–India relations

The first contact between both civilisations dates back fromAlexander the Great‘s invasion of India and eventual retreat. Alexander’s seemingly un-stoppable eastward expansion was halted at the Kingdoms of North-Western of India. 3000 BC and earlier, theMahabharatatalks of Indian warrior Kings’ conquest of Greece and the cultural exchange resulting there from

In modern time, diplomatic relations between Greece and India were established in May 1950. The new Greek Embassy building in New Delhi was inaugurated on 6 February 2001.

Economically, India is one of Greece’s largest debt creditors with Greece owing theReserve Bank of Indiaand TheState Bank of Indiaover €40 billion.


In 2012,Trond Giskemet with Minister of FinancePranab Mukherjee, to save[210]Telenor‘s investments to put forth Norway’s “strong wish” that there must not be a waiting period between the confiscation of telecom licences and the re-sale of those.The leader ofTelenorattended the meeting.


Diplomatic ties with Spain started in 1956. The first Spanish embassy was established in Delhi in 1958. India and Spain have had cordial relationship with each other especially after the establishment of democracy in Spain in 1978. Spain has been a main tourist spot for Indians over the years. Many presidents including Prathibha Patil visited Spain. The royal family of Spain have always liked the humble nature of the Indian government and they have thus paid several visits to India. There was no direct flight from India to Spain but it all changed in 1986 when Iberain travels started to fly directly from Mumbai to Madrid. However, it was stopped in 22 months. In 2006 this issue of direct flight was reconsidered so as to improve the ties between India and Spain. “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara” was shot completely in Spain in 2011. The tourism ministry of Spain are using this movie to promote tourism to Spain in India.


Main article:India–Turkey relations

Due to controversial issues such as Turkey’s close relationship with Pakistan, relations between the two countries have often been blistered at certain times, but better at others. India and Turkey’s relationship alters from unsureness to collaboration when the two nations work together to combat terrorism in Central and South Asia, and the Middle East. India and Turkey are also connected by history, seeing as they have known each other since the days of theOttoman Empire, and seeing as India was one of the countries to send aid to Turkey following itswar of independence. The Indian real estate firm GMR, has invested in and is working towards the modernisation ofIstanbul‘sSabiha Gökçen International Airport.


Main article:Austria–India relations

Austria–India relations refers to the bilateral ties between Austria and India. Indo-Austrian relations were established in May 1949 by the firstPrime Minister of IndiaJawaharlal Nehruand theChancellor of Austria Leopold Historically, Indo-Austrian ties have been particularly strong and India intervened in June 1953 in Austria’s favour whilst negotiations were going on with Soviet Union about the Austrian State Treaty.]There is a fully functioning Indian embassy in Vienna, Austria’s capital, which is concurrently accredited to the United Nations offices in the city.[215]Austria is represented in India by its embassy and Trade commission in New Delhi, India’s capital, as well as Honorary Consulates in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Goa.

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