Entertainments videos

Dance Shows

Flash mob

Musical nights

Stage shows

Movie reviews

Promotional Video

Different types of stage show and worldwide information will be telecasting in the promotional video sector. Face to face interact with Special Person

News Videos

Companies and their updates

Political interviews

Profits and loss info (sensex)

TV shows like(NRI, celebrities their life achievements and etc,)

Live programs

Social activity news

Motivational speech

Upcoming events

Dishaa consultancy is like a source of a tree. Once the schedule is finalized with any of the organization our website telecasting in link. Those who are aware of the casting programs, activities and many more we are tried to show them For example Festivals, sports, Flash mob, political view, news and etc,

Latest events

Dishaa Consultancy will update all the programs which can be performed in cites and major locations. Most of the people busy with their own work they could be miss the events in that case Dishaa tries to show all the events in website throw followed link address.


Disha encourager's the student talent various in part of style.

Students can perform Dance, singing, magic and etc, computation

Students can conduct talent week program

Students can start up printing and article exhibition

Indian Consulate

Disha consultancy identifies the identity of Indians who settled in other counties and shares their facts in this blogs. Eg: APJ Abdul kalam and many more

Top Person in EU

Here we can see all the famous person with their biography. Example: mother Teresa, NTR, Subhas Chandra boss and etc.,

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