Manisha Gupta is an Indian citizen living in Germany. She came to Germany after getting selected in an Indo-German research program between IIT Delhi and RWTH Aachen University. Her excellent performance in the program had led her supervisor to offer a full time PhD position in Germany.

She is a friendly and spritual person. She is a member of the Art of Living (AOL) Group Aachen and has participated in several events there.

In September 2015, she has been diagnosed with a deadly cancerous brain tumor (anaplastic astrocytoma). She has gone though a brain operation followed by radiation and chemo therapies. Even after this aggressive treatment the life expectancy is not good.

She has a wish to see her homeland India and wants to be with all her near and dear once.

Since the tumor is still in the brain there is a high risk for her to fly in a commercial plane. Even aviation companies repel her to take in a commercial plane. The only way she can fulfill her wish, is to fly by an air ambulance. Air ambulance are very expensive, but can provide her a very safe journey to India. The cost is nearly 60000 Euros.

You can help her with your donation and sharing this page in your circle.

Thank you in advance!

Her husband,
Puneet Gupta
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4 responses to “Help cancer fighter to see Homeland”

  1. Nidhina Haridas says:

    How can I send some donations

  2. Hallo Mr. Gupta,
    I am leaving in Ellerbek by Hamburg, Got massage sent by family Gautam. I am very perplexed to read about your wife. You are requested please let me have you wife details.
    1) Case history
    2) Visa States, Medical Insurance, contact address. Hospital address.
    3) Medical Insurance, I think must be 107,-€ monthly or She has got insurance from University.
    4) Please sent detail information, my son is Surgeon at University Hospital Hamburg.

    I will do my best in respect to Manisha bitiya case; we are with you & Praying to our Lord for her sooner recovery. God may bless her Good health.

    With best Regards
    Ramesh Vashist.
    mobil nr-0171 9191224

  3. Hari says:

    Please contact indian embassy in Berlin or Munich and contact Sushma swaraj . They might help you in other way

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