13055324_588066278035854_7978958628655273376_n | 27. – 29.04.2016 Berlin
“Smart Cities – how can the scientific community in India and Germany learn from each other?”

Cities of the future have to be CO2-neutral, energy efficient and well adopted to climate change in order to ensure a high quality of life. The challenge of transition affects major cities worldwide, including Europe but particularly megacities in countries like India. Research and Development is needed in various aspects to accompany and facilitate this process. This includes among other things a highly networked infrastructure based on IT solutions, new forms of mobility and an efficient use of energy. However the transition will only be possible if it is supported by the right governance structures and if solutions are accepted by the general public. It is therefore in the interest of both countries to join forces and build new networks to merge research efforts in both countries. To fill this gap and carry forward the agenda, IGSTC is now organizing the “Smart City” Symposium.
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Venkkat Prannit Nissankara